Its been second month of the great year
Yeah, it should be that way

Basically, im about 70% recovered from trauma
Involving me and my precious car
While im on my way to work

To be honest, i cant really tell
How much im giving up with this life
Every time i opened my eyes
Heavy tears keeps falling

Its only 3 days of 2018
Which im hoping for a great start

Allahu. Its hurt much
And so this is how people start to speak up
Something really unpleasant

And yes, people might saying
Im lack of driving skills or whatever

Im sitting here and listen how you people talk
Im not going to pray for karma hit you
But remember, things happen in our life
Its not even our choice

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.


Came to think about it
Another 10 days to December 2018

What do we do during 2017?
What is the great achievement have we accomplished?
How many problem have we solved?
And, do you find your own happiness?

Neither happy nor unhappy
Its equal
Depends on the situations i had
With whom i closed to

Its normal to have ups and down
But i do appreciate those who stay
In fact i know
Nothing ever stay permanent

I do love my friends
I do love him
I do love everyone who's with me

Nahh, dont read it emotionally.

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